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In an effort to build a commercial strip that compliments the great residential neighborhoods in our district, University Commons is hosting monthly Meet & Greets at businesses on Livernois.

In order to encourage new businesses to locate in our district, we must demonstrate that the residents of our community support businesses on the Livernois/McNichols commercial strips.

In an effort to get data that supports the fact that our community has the economic ability to support a thriving commercial district.

University Commons worked with Social Compact to get accurate statistics.

The findings are as follows:

Our community which includes the neighborhoods inside the Eight Mile, Woodward, Lodge Freeway, Wyoming boundaries, currently has a population of 47,468 residents in 17,691 households.
The average household income is $60,980.
Currently our community spends $311 Million for retail and apparel per year and $185 Million is spent outside the City of Detroit.
Our community spends $46 Million at restaurants per year and $36 Million is spent outside of the City of Detroit.
At a time when the economics of our City are diminishing, we are working to recapture the dollars spent outside our City.
That is why we encourage you to Shop Livernois……If we do not support our community, who will?

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