December 2016
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 About University Commmons

 The Mission of the organization is to improve the physical and economic character of  the Livernois/McNichols corridors, support planning and development activities, host pr/marketing events, enhance communication among concerned stakeholders and public entities and other wise promote the quality of life within the area.

University Commons Organization Steering Committee

University of Detroit-Mercy, Marygrove, Shoppers Coop, Northstar CDC, 12th Precinct Neighborhood Coalition, Western District DPD, New Prospect, Greenacres, University District, Palmer Woods, Detroit Golf Club, Martin Park, Pilgrim Village, Fitzgerald, Bagley, Blackstone, Ave. of Fashion Business Association, Prime Financial, Simply Casual, 1917 American Bistro, and ME Design

University Commons was created to spearhead and oversee the commercial development of Livernois from 8 Mile to the Lodge and McNichols from Livernois to .  Key stakeholders include University of Detroit-Mercy, Marygrove, Northstar Community Development Corporation, Shoppers Coop, local business associations, and local community organizations.  The organization has stimulated collaborative commercial development relationships between the stakeholders, the City of Detroit  and the community .

The organization was “branded” University Commons to recognize and build on the combination of strong educational institutions and vibrant neighborhoods that exist in the area.  The brand provides a unique and definable identity for the district and provides exciting possibilities for exhibiting community pride, promoting business development, and rallying individuals and organizations to make investments in the area.

University Commons’ strategy is to focus on development that will improve commercial offerings, link the educational institutions to new and/or improved commercial districts, enhance the visual appeal of Livernois and McNichols corridors, and provide a clear gateway to the area. Ultimately, this strategy should strengthen the mix of commercial businesses for residents and campus users while providing a more complete community of residential, commercial and institutional uses.

One program currently being offered to help this development is the Façade Improvement Grant (FIG).  The FIG program offers 50/50 matching grant dollars to eligible property owners – for every one dollar the owner contributes, University Commons will contribute one dollar.

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